Monday, August 3, 2009

Violinist ~

Got too much free time today ~.~ .........I dunno what to do in house liao .....

DotA - bored
Dragonica - bored
Pokemon - bored
Homework - more bored + LZ
Revision - even more bored
Wei Qi - Headache

Hence, i decided to browse youtube and look for some youtube....

and this what I found ~.~ :

My most favourite song from her

sori1004jy a reowned musician in youtube whom has posted over 400 videos of her playing violinist ....However, due to dunno what what copyright her acc has been suspended....most of her fan on youtube actually posting up her video back into youtube .....anyway i found out some funny fact from her fans

"First thing is first. I am not Sori1004jy. i am a fan. So no more marriage proposals should be directed at me. LOL. You would definitely be barking up the wrong tree. " by cacilus192

Her canon rock also very good as well ....

i guess that all bah.....ciao

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