Monday, December 29, 2008

First Time Work

Today, I start work in World of Feng Shui in Midvalley
As first timer , i thought I will be completely nervous and other sort of thing .Fortunately, the job is quite easy .

I start with cleaning some part of the shop .Then watch ppl doing some shopping in the shop.
Not long after that...there a customer ask me ,"that laughing buddha is made of wat ,copper of plastic?" I was like ..omg , how i noe ? That thing summore quite big and is heavy .I straight away ask my workmate nearby and he answered plastic = =

The shop is crowded by customer later on and MORE customer ask me this and that ...luckily, sum1 explain sthg b4 those customer ask me @.@

i continue to stand and watch the customer for quite an hour , my leg start to sprain .
Not long after that , My fren and I go out for lunch ..And HELL , food court is fking crowded , we have to walk to The Garden's Food Court to eat ...zzz

Then Back to shop and continue do same thing ....the customer is so much lessed and i feeled boring and sleepy @.@ ...

At 6pm , my shift is end and back ...Now, my leg cant afford to make a move , each move will make my leg sprain more zzz

Friday, December 26, 2008

Wang Lee Hom 's Heart Beat

Wang Leehom - Heart Beat
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Pop
Release Date: December 26, 2008

01. 愛得得體 (Ai De De Ti)
02. 心跳 (Xin Tiao)
03. 春雨里洗過的太陽 (Chun Yu Li Xi Guo De Tai Yang)
05. 我完全沒有任何理由理你 (Wo Wan Quan Mei You Ren He Li You Li Ni)
06. 另一個天堂 (Ling Yi Ge Tian Tang)
07. 玩偶 (Wan Ou)
08. 腳本 (Jiao Ben)
09. 競爭對手 (Jing Zheng Dui Shou)
10. 搖滾怎么了 !! (Yao Gun Zhen Me Le !!)

download here

Credit to Seren @ nigihana


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