Saturday, November 21, 2009

End of Exam ~~~~

Woot~~~ My exam ended ytd ~~~~~~~

Ou well, ....still sad for unable to go Genting with college mate T_T >.<

anyway , today I went for club gathering of M-yo at 1 Utama...umm , Malaysian Yo-yo club ...

hmm Yo-yo? ...ouya, I still playing it hehe , kiddo ~.~

Learn up some cool tricks but anyway today is quite a bad day ....

Never actually drive to 1U b4....take up the google maps and follow direction is correct till the last part....yeah the vry last part ......i took the wrong way--- I should be taking tunnel route but instead I went up >.> ......end up going to HELP college (SPrint Highway) Ou ......Damn .....end up back to Midvalley ---Federal highway there <.< ......den take back the same route and AT LAST ...reach 1U --25 min journey --> 2 hour journey /faint /faint

After that, when to Pusat Komuniti Taman Dun Ismail( TDDI) and those 'expert' is perfoming a show there ......anyway, i just went there for a free dinner and

Later on , we go to Restoran SS2 Murni ...around there ---- Holy shit, that place has NO MENU =.=" but when I see ppl eat there, omg Why EV1 food so special ~.~ ...unfortunately, my phone is out of battery , or else I will get some picture of it....

My fren reckon me 'Mee raja and Pink Panther(drink)' ....The Mee raja is actually seafood mee ....quite nice---quite alot of prawns/shrimps....but the size of serving ---can serve about 5 5sc2 girls i guess ...Damn kao shit big + RM 7 ONI....urgh ...and the 'Pink Panther' is watermelon juice campur dunno what ,,,as long as it is pink ....not bad and i cant finish it >.< .....quite big the cup ....thx to 'Mee Raja' thou ....There is also food called 'Hawaian' where different kind of snack is stuffed inside Roti Canai....not bad --- SPECIAL

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

As Exam ~~~~

Well, my final start on last Thursday , which is Math paper 1 exam ....The day before that , did quite some past year question .....and then the paper came out few past year question ....consider myself to be lucky ^^ .................went through the paper with no problem , just hope no careless mistake ~.~

Ouya, I was nearly late for the exam thx to NO PARKING ......I hate the exam being so late --Then i late go = no parking ....took a gallon of fuel to find parking as well zZz

Upcoming Test : Thinking Skills 1


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nthg to Post~~How to study?

Ou well .........been doing nthg much lately.....and I have nothing to talk about TAF.....

Terribly need help on how to study now.......I"m currently quite unmotivated to study yet i still need to study for AS exam....which will be on 15 Oct. MAth 1 paper.


Yui ~ Again SIngle .....Fullmetal Alchemist 2009 OP1 and nice~~~unique and stylish~~~

Friday, September 11, 2009

Taylor's Asaban Festival

Woot , a coming soon BIG event gonna held in Taylor(TUCMC, subang main campus) by Taylor's Anime Society (TAS)
Yes, It is gonna be at 26 September 2009 . Be sure YOU FREE at that day and take a look at this awesome/pwnsome/Sugei/Cool event~~

This event is gonna take full day with 2 session:

1) ACG(anime comic and game)/DAY Session (11am - 4pm) in multipurpose hall (MPH)
2) Matsuri/Nite Session (6pm-10pm) ( Open Space Carpark

Event that gonna be held ::
  • Cosplay Cafe
  • Singing Competition
  • Cosplay Competition
  • Weis Scharwz Card game
  • Matsuri Dance
  • Stepmania
  • Live Band Performances
Hightlight Session on the night(matsuri) :
  • KIMONO wearing demonstration - WEDDING CEREMONY
  • BON ODORI(mini) - let's dance together!
  • More band performances!! –
Link : Taylor's Asaban Festival
Myajito (Forum)

Be sure at there~~~Bring ur family as well

End of ad post

Hurray .~~ AS TRIAL EXAMINATION IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!! eventhough the last paper din't went smoothly =.=""

Ah, whatever, yesterday , the last day of my exam .....went to sunway with friends and watched G.I Joe(I know it is old movie, but we'r out of choice since "where got Ghost?" is not out yet in TGV is seem delayed to today ...SIGH...ouya, i watched The Final Destination last thursday, end of first week of exam xD ....since from friday to monday have no school) there.

G.I Joe - a truely exaggarating movie( A Headquarters just like FF7 dunno what HQ underwater hiding below the ICE.....and a lot of silly/nonsense part =.="" .....Isnt that stupid to remove the suit in the middle of sword fighting after get few slash??

And then had a call by my friend from TAS to have a talk about the festival after my little sunway trip .....I'll be getting vry bz soon i guess ...........

I guess that all for today

P/S : CP and Karyan -> come on 26 sept and take a look at Kimino DEMO - wedding ceremony

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ometeto!!! (congratulations)

Congrats myself for fully cover from chickenpox!!!!! <.< , lol
Congrats myself for be able to SPREAD chickenpox to 3 ppl !!! (1 is my sis, and another 2 is my classmate ) /gg

I guess it has been 3 weeks not posting up my little blog~~~
Getting more and more bz these days as next week has trial exam (AS) ~~~
Teachers are giving more exercise for preparation for next week exam while teaching A2(core) syllabus.......
--> end up a bigger pile of homework ...especially a tonne of past year question needed to do...
1 paper require 1 hour --> each subject at least need do 5 paper --> end up 5x5 = 25 paper need to do ~~~~~~!!!!!! T_T

Feel lazy to do hahaha but still need lah ......need 'bei guan' (canto) to be able to study better or in another word 'masuk head'

Went to midvalley with Kar Xian ,Pei Yi ,Wai Ming ,Luppy ,Lip Yong ,'whining' Chun Seng ,Li Chang ,Chia Wen ,Alice ,Weng Cheok ,Wesley ,and See Wah(correct spelling?) today ~~ to celebrate Kar Xian and Pei Yi bday in near bankruptcy state ~.~ ...have to borrow money from my mom to get extra or else i cant survive today >.< ....but.......i just found i got extra RM50 from washing maching =.=""" ....It been some times that i havn't met them ...end up a lof of things to talk xD

Went to watch move 'UP' <- a quite adventurous and hilarious with extraordinary element movie
and do some window shopping to get present for the 2 bday girls ....
Then , end up eating at 'Sun Fat' in Sri Petaling ~.~

Tested on playing pandora saga online (a japan made MMORPG)~~~

It doesnt seem to be as nice as i thought, beside the graphic...I like there is alot of element affect the character growth .However, the information provided is not detailed enough and only 3 stat point can be allocated each lower, which is too low to be a good MMORPG to me ...Japan being a home of console games doesn't meet up my expectation on MMORPG game ...the battle system is quite a mess, control system as well ........a lot of complicated things

p/s : 1.Sorry for the 2 get chickenpox from me >.<
2.Happy bday to KX and PY

Monday, August 3, 2009

Violinist ~

Got too much free time today ~.~ .........I dunno what to do in house liao .....

DotA - bored
Dragonica - bored
Pokemon - bored
Homework - more bored + LZ
Revision - even more bored
Wei Qi - Headache

Hence, i decided to browse youtube and look for some youtube....

and this what I found ~.~ :

My most favourite song from her

sori1004jy a reowned musician in youtube whom has posted over 400 videos of her playing violinist ....However, due to dunno what what copyright her acc has been suspended....most of her fan on youtube actually posting up her video back into youtube .....anyway i found out some funny fact from her fans

"First thing is first. I am not Sori1004jy. i am a fan. So no more marriage proposals should be directed at me. LOL. You would definitely be barking up the wrong tree. " by cacilus192

Her canon rock also very good as well ....

i guess that all bah.....ciao

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sigh....bad result...

1st seminar exam just pass the week before last week....
Result was posted ytd from what i told....I just only noe my result today
it sucked....
1 A 2 B 2 C
Math A , physic/chem B , thinking skill/bio C
HAIz........Biology result is the most unexpected....i thought i would get b/A since i know do almost all question. The question came out my most favourite chapter -> DNA And RNA replication
which is also the hardest to understand =.=" but also most interesting.......

# Code Subject Marks Grade Points Remarks
1 AL-TKS Thinking Skills 63 C - Satisfactory achievement
2 AL-CHEM Chemistry 71 B - Always seems eager to do well
3 AL-BIO Biology 61 C - Good term work but low exam mark
4 AL-MAT Mathematics 81 A - Has the potential for better grades
5 AL-PHY Physics 70 B - Has good grasp of subject matter

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Been playing with my uncle iphone lately, found a lot cool and sad fact on this phone

Cool Fact :

1) vry ez to move the cursor and open file, not like most of other touch phone
2)alot freeware and application to dl
3)ipod is cool!
4) very smooth , no hang at all
5)vry clear image

Sad Fact :

1) sometime quite luan ......since hard to use
2) oni can add song thru itunes
3) itunes is not easy to use
4) cannot receive song from other phone
5) cannot receive song from phone to com

Friday, June 12, 2009


(Long time no see)

I wonder how long i dint blog school life is almost same everday ......quite boring >.<
The event is just like repeating itself except for this week.
I just end my seminar 1 exam today, feel ok with my exam so far . And i think i get B for my chemistry since my teacher has marked =.=" . It was so much faster than i expected....I fear of 1 thing rite now, i DINT tell my mom bout the exam and the school is gonna send her a letter to announce my result .......AND WAT MORE - PARENT TEACHER DAY!!!!!!!

THis time me and my mom have to visit EVERY subject teacher...OMG!!!!!!

Taylors is scary , isnt it?

Since today exam end at 10am, almost all of my classmate went to sunway pyramid....They only know sunway piramid.......quite a number of outstation student....

Let see, i think we split to 4 group , 1 group went to ice skating straight, another group at upstair see them ice skating ,another group i dunno and my group went to eat 1st.....We want to go eat at gasoline want, but havnt open =.=" too early lol

And then my group split to 2 group, 1 go for movie and another 1 go for ice skating. I go for ice skating since my sis come to sunway also zzz....

My fren bcome proer and proer in ice skating liao . I just learned break today....
One of my fren straight away can skate after i teach him how to move once.....GENG....OMG!!! , totally surprised but compare to my sis =.=" ///it took me whole day....

There is also few first timer that dint fall down at all in the ice ring .......AMused!! but they skate very slow lah ....even me fall down 3 time today >.< ......thx to crowd

Affter that, i joined my fren to redbox.......My fren who is big mouth 1 .......her singing is so loud until i cant hear my other fren voice ...LoL
Terpaksa low down the mic volume ev time she sing lol .....
And wat more, after she get 'high' ....omgosh ....keep on sing wrong pitch 1 .....i think ev1 of them sing wrong key alot

Ouya, she also will scream =.=(close my ear evtime she scream lol,too loud liao) if I skip her song halfway ...but i got no choice >.< time

After that, we went to zammai sushi eat...btw, i never tot sunway pyramid got zammai sushi since i only eat in the Gardens ..xD .My fren and I order food like mad.....ev1 eat until very very full = =

Den went bak leh....muscle nearly cramped while driving home x.x

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


osu! is a rhythm game
based on the gameplay of a variety of popular commercial rhythm games. While aiming to keep authentic gameplay and scoring, osu! increases the epic factor through online rankings, multiplayer, replay exchange, and a huge community following. Also available is a fully functional built-in editor, allowing intuitive creation of your own beatmaps for the songs you want to play. (youtube feature removed?)

Osu is a game that u move your mouse and hit the box that appear .You just have to move your mouse over, time it, and hit it .....Looks easy ?
But, Look can be deceiving, after you play it, you will noe it.

You can DL variety of song or make your own song with your own style ^^. 80% of the song is made by player .

A Worth to try game ^^ it is also open source too!


Konbawa ~~~~

There is so many test last 2 week, more to come in these and next week I think >.< , i forgot when will be my next test. LoL ...................Thru the test, I can confidently say that my class is the worst class in A-level in taylors history ~.~v LoLx (SUMMORE IS MARCH INTAKE)

Out of 30 ppl,

Let see, in math test, out of 20 points, 90% get less den 9 .

In Bio, some get 50% ...most ppl get 3X% and only 2-3 person get 6X% + (40 marks max)

In Thinking skill, nearly everyone get 50% nia . lol

In physic, most is less den 10 also =.="

Nearly all teacher is disappointed by my class lol ..ESPECIALLY my math teacher, whole class is a mess . hmm, physic as well. Most of the subject in this semester is form 5 thing . I answer all the question teacher give very quickly but i have to wait for around 15min to move on to next question depends on the hardness of the question =.=" .SO I END UP DOING BIO NOTES OR PLAY RUBIC CUBE OR LISTEN TO SONG WHILE WAITING .....Lolx

My classmate is more into "True" college life. LoL , let see....... every lunch break and after school go for pool, every friday ice skating and movie .......How rich is them~~~~ rm50 min per friday , other day pool, sure used up rm10++ for them .....

-->this is the longest post i ever wrote @>@

Monday, April 20, 2009

at last an update ~~~

Tadaime !! ( I'm back)
Its been some time i dint blog ....(or very long time?) I have been busy(vry bz) lately.

Let start from the 1st week of April

1 : Found out life in college is more tiring than working.( both mentally and physically)
2 : Bought a Car -> Latest MyVi ~~~Sweet~~~It able to read USB to listen music ^^
3 : A stack of homework to do
4 : Joined Club ~ Taylor's Anime Society and Scrachess club
5 : Drive car to school with mom sit aside >.<

2nd week

1 : Drive to college alone liao ^.^v
2 : LAN Class ( Moral ) for whole week, daily 8 am- 3 pm..........T_T
3 : End up sleeping at least 3 hour in college
4 : Lead a Group......End up a mess.... The day of presentation is the day I most paiseh.....paiseh...
5 : A lot of new member attend GO Club(MWA , Malaysian Wei qi Association) and Beginner teaching class started for GO

3rd week (Holiday, lol the fastest holiday in school life)

1 : On monday, went back to World Of Feng Shui for stock take (stock check) . Then when for Neway for K +buffet till 3am (morning). The day I back late most ^,^ .It also 2nd time I went for K. Amused as well , i dint know everyone of them can sing so well O.o
Anyway, I love their Speaker the most lol
2 : On friday, went to Ice Skating in Sunway. Found out they able to skate from 10am to 5pm
and then arcade ,pool , dinner , and movie . Total at least use rm50 for that day. Some more,
they had made this a routine......every Friday also sunway , 1 word " XIAO "
3 : On Saturday, nearly half of my body strained and muscle ache. Neverthelessly, I have to go
to Genting x.x . Hins Cheung is waiting for me day . XP , I went with Hon Lean, Chia Wen and
Alice Wong( Chia Wen's friend) . Hins is damn cool wei ~,~ ....His concert is glamourous. And
nice . His voice is sweet while a lot of emotion is in it and his Singing Skill is one of the top.
4 : On Sunday, nearly whole of my body strained and muscle ache. Thanks to random walking + an arcade game introduce by Hon Lean......Eventhough it is played by 4 person, it require an
enourmous stamina to play that game ...which is " Throw plastic Ball kind of like game " ..
Regret back home late ......use a sum of money on that day...*sigh*

And On today~~

Finish up my personal statement ...o'gosh , it took up nearly 3 hour to finish 3/4 quarter page of this essay ....
Finish up other homework as well ....Taylor's timetable for A-levels(CAL) is terrible.....on monday, the timetable is so freaking free, starting school at 10 am , having alot of break and free time ....suddenly , there is changes made today went back to disastrous packed timetable like last 2 weeks ....*sigh* ...

I thinks, that all bout today ^.^

-> added music box

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Orientation Day of Taylor

Last Monday, i went for orientation in taylors ...The orientation day was extreme boring as the talk is boring which I have to listen to it for 2 and half hour ....Summore have to wake at at 8am zzz....Keep on yawning and feel sleepy...After that, has meeting v mentor, which is quite ok but still boring .......oya, It was also an extremely hot day where the sun shining brightly there...

After that is the only where fun comes on which last about 30 minutes, meeting up with seniors (Jan Intake =.=") 2 of the those "seniors" went to our class and play game v us ....

And just went back as fast as I can in 2 pm ....cant afford to wait in such hot day

Monday, March 16, 2009

A 's Level

Went to Taylor's college today for the march intake . Well, taylor's college is much nearer than i ever thought and the course isnt what I expected....
And the most unexpected thing is, i not taking further math for my a's level while taking bio-science instead.Since , I not sure what my ambition is, so it is safer to take all science course.

For the fee, after everything total up for the course is around rm32k for 1 year.Holy Expensive, everything in here is overprice.
Each science lab course rm300 per semester. SO there will be rm900 for all the lab per semester ..............simply overprice

Anyway, have to apply to that college..........
-->have to listen what my mom said/...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

GO(Wei Qi) camp training on 14-15

I attended the training yesterday and training...It was the most tiring training or thing I ever met not in physically, but mentally ...U have to get ur brain work out extremely many. Kang Laoshi ( a professional GO player from Singapore) giving out alot of information on new research , and new move and its sequence. All those thing is completely new to me and it is actually a common move while i dint heard it b4 >.< .TOO much of thing have to cramp into my head @.@ i nearly faint that day.
After all those lecture for 6 lecture . 15 min break , 1 hour lunch ...Kang laoshi play shidougo(teaching game) v 8 of us simultaneosly . But too bad, the no. of ppl too much i dint really get a chance since most of us give Kang Lao shi a big headache .Neverthelessly, he win nearly everyone of us easily

--> To those dunno what is Wei QI/IGO/GO/Baduk

-- It is an ancient board game which pass down by chinese ancestor to this era.
-- It doesnt like chess or chinese chess. GO is conquering game which require to take over
-- territory , invade, defense and so on .

Thursday, March 12, 2009

SPM Result!

Woot!!! At least, gone through hard time ....
I get 7 a ,2 b and 1 c ^^ which is good enough
Well......still get scold for not getting a better result zzz ....sigh ...boring family
Tat sucks ......
And i even scolded for not bringing spm slip bak home .....
i jst like wtf ? ALready tell u the result, tat slip just a paper which contain information of my result. What the diff between telling and seeing ? the answer is still the same and that fcking boring ...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last Day of Work ,WooT!!!!!

So , from tomoro onwards i will be free ^^
But still, i pack my this week full of activites =.=" especially this weekend, I have to attend proffesional teaching (wei qi) at japanese club, opposite midvalley .
And also result is coming out this thursday. Started to feel nervous @.@ , hoping get good result as well as bad result =.="" ( if good result i terpaksa study at taylor if not tat good den i can go TARC)

Btw, my fren is studying finance, He skip the class today for work $.$ . When no customer is around as well as manager (lol) ,he took out his file and start to study .I learn tat he is studying "What is Cash?" ...LoLx ...

Well, tat all for today with my boring life...

--> ccp , thx for ur money, now i can continue survive v my poverty financial x.x

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sigh""" , I lost my wallet 2 days ago.
zZz , It happen when I return from work .
Inside contain around 60 buck and most important my IC and license ...
But still, lucky enuf tat i bought Street Fighter 4 b4 i lost my wallet =.="" lol
but now i completely bankrupt zzz

-> ccp : waiting ur rm50

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nintendo DS + BLue Dragon O.O

Free Nintendo DS + Blue Dragon Plus Giveaway! 130

Hi guys,

Crunchyroll has a free giveaway again! The DS game Blue Dragon Plus is coming out next week on February 24th~ The game makers want to promote it a lot, so they’ve offered us one Nintendo DS and a copy of the game to give away
to one of our lucky users =). Blue Dragon Plus is an E rated video game. Here’s some links about the game:

Crunchyroll Library:
Official site:

Game Overview:
One year has passed since Shu and his companions defeated the tyrannical remnant of the Ancients, Nene. In the midst of the battle, the world split in two and now consists of a myriad of “cubes” that exploded from its depths. In one of these cubes, King Jibral stands on the balcony of Neo Jibral Castle and surveys the scene before him.
He notices a mysterious cube in the distance suddenly start to move violently, and from it he sees the Shadow of a Balaur, a three-headed dragon, emerge. The enormous and sinister Shadow is just the beginning of the new turmoil and devast
ation to come.


    • Single Player Campaign With Over 30 Hours of Game Play
    • Legion vs. Legion
      • Control up to 16 humans and Mecha Robos to fight against a horde of enemies
      • Equip your units with items and alter their composition to bolster their strength
    • Take Advantage of Your DS Features Through Exciting Real-Time Battles and Shadow Fights!
    • High Quality Dual Screen FMV’s Showcasing
      More Than an Hour of Story Events!
    • Exciting RPG Elements Such As Item Collection, Character Progression and Robot Customizations

Property Overview

    • Strong Collaboration of RPG Veterans Storyline created and directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy Series Director)
      • Characters created by Akira Toriyama
        (DragonBall Universe, Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger)
      • Music composed by Nobuo Uematsu(Final Fantasy)
    • Highly Acclaimed Development Studios
      • Mistwalker
      • Artoon (Yoshi’s Island)
      • Brownie Brown (Heroes of Mana)
      • Feelplus (Lost Odyssey)
    • Rave Reviews of Blue Dragon on Xbox 360
      • Game Informer rated 9/10
      • Game Pro rated 4.75/5
      • IGN rated 7.9/10

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stupid Thief =.=""

@.@ , a stupid thief try to steal thing in our shop after valentine's day.
Yeah, vry stupid bcoz ::

1: He came to shopping mall to steal instead of shop outside
2: He came to 1 of the biggest shop in midvalley
3: He came into our storeroom to steal only a handphone
4: Our shop is full of CCTV
5: He ask 1 of us ,"Where is nearest toilet?" We told him other way he go other way.
6: He RAN @.@
7: He chose the path of running down the escalator , my fren followed and jump all the way and land on thief =.="" lol

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hei guys, its been awhile I dint update my blog.
Well, the shop is getting calmer and boring , lack of customer @.@ but too many staff( 21 staff at the shop in evening lol)
Most of us just slack and do nothing bside chat xD.

Recently, I watched "Skip Beat" , it is Hilarious and funny . It talk about a girl namely Megumi Kyoko which came from Kyoto to Tokyo with a boy(Fuwa Sho) ,which is celebrity by then , and the boy she love. She tried to work as hard as she can just to cover the monthly expenses for Fuwa Sho ever since they reach Tokyo. However, one day, she went to Sho studio and found out Sho just using her ability bcause Sho unable to do housework at all. Yeah really .........
Kyoko change from plain/boring person into active/vengeance person.
She want to smash the pride of Sho as celebrity into pieces!!! But to do so, She have to
enter the world of celebrity 1st, and the journey start here.... O.O

Oya, I'm going Hinz 's Concert at 18 April . I got the ticket most probably 4 maximum.
I havn't plan anything about that day since the concert is on the April.
Who's 1 to go with me? Leave comment or sms me

Well, That all.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This few nites
i cant sleep well
wondering why,
my head cant stop thinking
Even I'm able to wake up in the middle of nite after I asleep , when i sick zzz
, and sleep at 2 a.m. .....
Especially this morning, recall all my memories about last year happening.....
Wondering how wonderful is it , how beautiful memories are ...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

it's been a time i dint blog ...fell sick recently. *sigh*
headache,nose running, sore throat ....and still go to work @.@
Customer also keep say i sick. =.=" ...End up sleeping upper floor of the shop xD.
The shop is getting less and less customer , getting more and more boring ...

Anyway, Yesterday got lion dance at my shop and my boss Lilian Too with her daughter Jenniffer Too came to the shop to see lion dance and give ang pao @.@ .....Give RM10 only but still good lah , dunno why Jennifer Too no give ang pau since she maried x.x .She has damn fucking big boobs .(She wore V top ) .
I record the whole lion dance .At the end of recording , i find out my phone ran out of battery and holding the phone record for 31.33 min .....

Well, that all for today..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gundam Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode IS DONE!!!

After mess with my little decal .....and lost it >.< decided to leave it like this.... Even the main decal i put wrong place zzz ....and does not stick properly .... Feeling like a newbie x.x here some pic :

My workshop lol .
The lamp make the background green zzz

The Poster is damn nice ....

Sorry for blur image...use phone take 1 ....morning sun not bright enuf = =

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Feeling so happy to chose to work instead of back kampung ^^
Back kampung nthg to do and bored to hell , Work get extra RM200++ while not so boring( 200++ bcoz got ang pau from customer , office ppl and boss ^^ )

Let cherish our own New Year ~~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy CNY ^^

Being so free today @@.(The shop close at 3pm ) :)
But too free till dunno do wat...... :(
Want to Drive but cant T_T
They scare they no car use in this CNY T_T


Happy Chinese New Year~~~~~

Saturday, January 24, 2009

No Chance to DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

After getting the license for so many days......
I still dun have the chance to drive car ....
Thx to my little work and the new car...
Busy like hell and my mom dun dare let me drive...


Hate this......MUST drive car today !!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What a Bad day....

My sis caused a problem today while i was working.
It caused the whole family being messy...I dunno wat to do...
Feeling tired after work , my sis disappoint whole family, anger unleash everywhere
Feeling nausea, dunno wat to do.

And 1 o the part of my gundam stand is missing...unable to show off the full burst mode .Luckily, it come with another stand ..just cant do as much thing as the "missing part stand"

-->ccp the gundam is finishing soon...just left the decal for the gundam and the display stand thing zzz,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting 'P' license soon :)

WooTTTtttttttttt !!

Pass my driving test today @.@

Just 1 thing to comment.
I waited around 8 hour to take the test T_T. Thx for getting 2nd session which start at 2pm.(Luppy,WM and me reach there at 8pm)
Losing money and need wait for 8 hour is suck .....I would be working by tat time for 8 hour while earn some $$

That all for today~~~

--> Added shoutbox since my chatbox doesnt keep the chat permanently

Thursday, January 8, 2009

FIrst Job First Salary!

Ytd, my name was suddenly called over .
So i just walk over and seeing whole group of workmate standing near cashier.Then i wonder wat happen ....
Once i reach there, omfg they ask me to sign and receive me first salary O.O!!!
See the salary , omg, only RM112.5 =.=""
only 3 day de salary since i join last 29th

Wondering how to use with the money : )

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gundam Strike Freedom Full Burst mode BOUGHT!!!

On last sat , i went to time square with my family .
As usual I walk on my own and went to those gundam shop.(It is boring to follow my family go buy their cloth zzz)
In the 1st gundam shop, there is an offer.RM90 for 1 MG gundam , extremely CHEAP isn'it? Too bad, the gundam is God Gundam and another gundam i never heard b4 =.="" and my favourite gundam has out of stock
Not so long after, i went to 2nd shop , I saw my lovely gundam ,which originaly priced 3XX, is selling at RM245 !!!! Wow , i immediately bought it =.=""

theres no picture rite now about my gundam since i cant upload it .Thx to underwater cable broke off .It cause numerous problem zzz ...

Oya, Happy New Year ! (sorry for late,busy with work these day)