Friday, September 3, 2010

Gonna Revive

yes : ) -- Gonna revive this blog quite soon

-> gonna put some review for my phone / album /earphone / and new pic : )

Saturday, November 21, 2009

End of Exam ~~~~

Woot~~~ My exam ended ytd ~~~~~~~

Ou well, ....still sad for unable to go Genting with college mate T_T >.<

anyway , today I went for club gathering of M-yo at 1 Utama...umm , Malaysian Yo-yo club ...

hmm Yo-yo? ...ouya, I still playing it hehe , kiddo ~.~

Learn up some cool tricks but anyway today is quite a bad day ....

Never actually drive to 1U b4....take up the google maps and follow direction is correct till the last part....yeah the vry last part ......i took the wrong way--- I should be taking tunnel route but instead I went up >.> ......end up going to HELP college (SPrint Highway) Ou ......Damn .....end up back to Midvalley ---Federal highway there <.< ......den take back the same route and AT LAST ...reach 1U --25 min journey --> 2 hour journey /faint /faint

After that, when to Pusat Komuniti Taman Dun Ismail( TDDI) and those 'expert' is perfoming a show there ......anyway, i just went there for a free dinner and

Later on , we go to Restoran SS2 Murni ...around there ---- Holy shit, that place has NO MENU =.=" but when I see ppl eat there, omg Why EV1 food so special ~.~ ...unfortunately, my phone is out of battery , or else I will get some picture of it....

My fren reckon me 'Mee raja and Pink Panther(drink)' ....The Mee raja is actually seafood mee ....quite nice---quite alot of prawns/shrimps....but the size of serving ---can serve about 5 5sc2 girls i guess ...Damn kao shit big + RM 7 ONI....urgh ...and the 'Pink Panther' is watermelon juice campur dunno what ,,,as long as it is pink ....not bad and i cant finish it >.< .....quite big the cup ....thx to 'Mee Raja' thou ....There is also food called 'Hawaian' where different kind of snack is stuffed inside Roti Canai....not bad --- SPECIAL

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

As Exam ~~~~

Well, my final start on last Thursday , which is Math paper 1 exam ....The day before that , did quite some past year question .....and then the paper came out few past year question ....consider myself to be lucky ^^ .................went through the paper with no problem , just hope no careless mistake ~.~

Ouya, I was nearly late for the exam thx to NO PARKING ......I hate the exam being so late --Then i late go = no parking ....took a gallon of fuel to find parking as well zZz

Upcoming Test : Thinking Skills 1


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nthg to Post~~How to study?

Ou well .........been doing nthg much lately.....and I have nothing to talk about TAF.....

Terribly need help on how to study now.......I"m currently quite unmotivated to study yet i still need to study for AS exam....which will be on 15 Oct. MAth 1 paper.


Yui ~ Again SIngle .....Fullmetal Alchemist 2009 OP1 and nice~~~unique and stylish~~~

Friday, September 11, 2009

Taylor's Asaban Festival

Woot , a coming soon BIG event gonna held in Taylor(TUCMC, subang main campus) by Taylor's Anime Society (TAS)
Yes, It is gonna be at 26 September 2009 . Be sure YOU FREE at that day and take a look at this awesome/pwnsome/Sugei/Cool event~~

This event is gonna take full day with 2 session:

1) ACG(anime comic and game)/DAY Session (11am - 4pm) in multipurpose hall (MPH)
2) Matsuri/Nite Session (6pm-10pm) ( Open Space Carpark

Event that gonna be held ::
  • Cosplay Cafe
  • Singing Competition
  • Cosplay Competition
  • Weis Scharwz Card game
  • Matsuri Dance
  • Stepmania
  • Live Band Performances
Hightlight Session on the night(matsuri) :
  • KIMONO wearing demonstration - WEDDING CEREMONY
  • BON ODORI(mini) - let's dance together!
  • More band performances!! –
Link : Taylor's Asaban Festival
Myajito (Forum)

Be sure at there~~~Bring ur family as well

End of ad post

Hurray .~~ AS TRIAL EXAMINATION IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!! eventhough the last paper din't went smoothly =.=""

Ah, whatever, yesterday , the last day of my exam .....went to sunway with friends and watched G.I Joe(I know it is old movie, but we'r out of choice since "where got Ghost?" is not out yet in TGV is seem delayed to today ...SIGH...ouya, i watched The Final Destination last thursday, end of first week of exam xD ....since from friday to monday have no school) there.

G.I Joe - a truely exaggarating movie( A Headquarters just like FF7 dunno what HQ underwater hiding below the ICE.....and a lot of silly/nonsense part =.="" .....Isnt that stupid to remove the suit in the middle of sword fighting after get few slash??

And then had a call by my friend from TAS to have a talk about the festival after my little sunway trip .....I'll be getting vry bz soon i guess ...........

I guess that all for today

P/S : CP and Karyan -> come on 26 sept and take a look at Kimino DEMO - wedding ceremony

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ometeto!!! (congratulations)

Congrats myself for fully cover from chickenpox!!!!! <.< , lol
Congrats myself for be able to SPREAD chickenpox to 3 ppl !!! (1 is my sis, and another 2 is my classmate ) /gg

I guess it has been 3 weeks not posting up my little blog~~~
Getting more and more bz these days as next week has trial exam (AS) ~~~
Teachers are giving more exercise for preparation for next week exam while teaching A2(core) syllabus.......
--> end up a bigger pile of homework ...especially a tonne of past year question needed to do...
1 paper require 1 hour --> each subject at least need do 5 paper --> end up 5x5 = 25 paper need to do ~~~~~~!!!!!! T_T

Feel lazy to do hahaha but still need lah ......need 'bei guan' (canto) to be able to study better or in another word 'masuk head'

Went to midvalley with Kar Xian ,Pei Yi ,Wai Ming ,Luppy ,Lip Yong ,'whining' Chun Seng ,Li Chang ,Chia Wen ,Alice ,Weng Cheok ,Wesley ,and See Wah(correct spelling?) today ~~ to celebrate Kar Xian and Pei Yi bday in near bankruptcy state ~.~ ...have to borrow money from my mom to get extra or else i cant survive today >.< ....but.......i just found i got extra RM50 from washing maching =.=""" ....It been some times that i havn't met them ...end up a lof of things to talk xD

Went to watch move 'UP' <- a quite adventurous and hilarious with extraordinary element movie
and do some window shopping to get present for the 2 bday girls ....
Then , end up eating at 'Sun Fat' in Sri Petaling ~.~

Tested on playing pandora saga online (a japan made MMORPG)~~~

It doesnt seem to be as nice as i thought, beside the graphic...I like there is alot of element affect the character growth .However, the information provided is not detailed enough and only 3 stat point can be allocated each lower, which is too low to be a good MMORPG to me ...Japan being a home of console games doesn't meet up my expectation on MMORPG game ...the battle system is quite a mess, control system as well ........a lot of complicated things

p/s : 1.Sorry for the 2 get chickenpox from me >.<
2.Happy bday to KX and PY

Monday, August 3, 2009

Violinist ~

Got too much free time today ~.~ .........I dunno what to do in house liao .....

DotA - bored
Dragonica - bored
Pokemon - bored
Homework - more bored + LZ
Revision - even more bored
Wei Qi - Headache

Hence, i decided to browse youtube and look for some youtube....

and this what I found ~.~ :

My most favourite song from her

sori1004jy a reowned musician in youtube whom has posted over 400 videos of her playing violinist ....However, due to dunno what what copyright her acc has been suspended....most of her fan on youtube actually posting up her video back into youtube .....anyway i found out some funny fact from her fans

"First thing is first. I am not Sori1004jy. i am a fan. So no more marriage proposals should be directed at me. LOL. You would definitely be barking up the wrong tree. " by cacilus192

Her canon rock also very good as well ....

i guess that all bah.....ciao