Friday, September 11, 2009

Taylor's Asaban Festival

Woot , a coming soon BIG event gonna held in Taylor(TUCMC, subang main campus) by Taylor's Anime Society (TAS)
Yes, It is gonna be at 26 September 2009 . Be sure YOU FREE at that day and take a look at this awesome/pwnsome/Sugei/Cool event~~

This event is gonna take full day with 2 session:

1) ACG(anime comic and game)/DAY Session (11am - 4pm) in multipurpose hall (MPH)
2) Matsuri/Nite Session (6pm-10pm) ( Open Space Carpark

Event that gonna be held ::
  • Cosplay Cafe
  • Singing Competition
  • Cosplay Competition
  • Weis Scharwz Card game
  • Matsuri Dance
  • Stepmania
  • Live Band Performances
Hightlight Session on the night(matsuri) :
  • KIMONO wearing demonstration - WEDDING CEREMONY
  • BON ODORI(mini) - let's dance together!
  • More band performances!! –
Link : Taylor's Asaban Festival
Myajito (Forum)

Be sure at there~~~Bring ur family as well

End of ad post

Hurray .~~ AS TRIAL EXAMINATION IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!! eventhough the last paper din't went smoothly =.=""

Ah, whatever, yesterday , the last day of my exam .....went to sunway with friends and watched G.I Joe(I know it is old movie, but we'r out of choice since "where got Ghost?" is not out yet in TGV is seem delayed to today ...SIGH...ouya, i watched The Final Destination last thursday, end of first week of exam xD ....since from friday to monday have no school) there.

G.I Joe - a truely exaggarating movie( A Headquarters just like FF7 dunno what HQ underwater hiding below the ICE.....and a lot of silly/nonsense part =.="" .....Isnt that stupid to remove the suit in the middle of sword fighting after get few slash??

And then had a call by my friend from TAS to have a talk about the festival after my little sunway trip .....I'll be getting vry bz soon i guess ...........

I guess that all for today

P/S : CP and Karyan -> come on 26 sept and take a look at Kimino DEMO - wedding ceremony