Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gundam Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode IS DONE!!!

After mess with my little decal .....and lost it >.< decided to leave it like this.... Even the main decal i put wrong place zzz ....and does not stick properly .... Feeling like a newbie x.x here some pic :

My workshop lol .
The lamp make the background green zzz

The Poster is damn nice ....

Sorry for blur image...use phone take 1 ....morning sun not bright enuf = =

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Feeling so happy to chose to work instead of back kampung ^^
Back kampung nthg to do and bored to hell , Work get extra RM200++ while not so boring( 200++ bcoz got ang pau from customer , office ppl and boss ^^ )

Let cherish our own New Year ~~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy CNY ^^

Being so free today @@.(The shop close at 3pm ) :)
But too free till dunno do wat...... :(
Want to Drive but cant T_T
They scare they no car use in this CNY T_T


Happy Chinese New Year~~~~~

Saturday, January 24, 2009

No Chance to DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

After getting the license for so many days......
I still dun have the chance to drive car ....
Thx to my little work and the new car...
Busy like hell and my mom dun dare let me drive...


Hate this......MUST drive car today !!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What a Bad day....

My sis caused a problem today while i was working.
It caused the whole family being messy...I dunno wat to do...
Feeling tired after work , my sis disappoint whole family, anger unleash everywhere
Feeling nausea, dunno wat to do.

And 1 o the part of my gundam stand is missing...unable to show off the full burst mode .Luckily, it come with another stand ..just cant do as much thing as the "missing part stand"

-->ccp the gundam is finishing soon...just left the decal for the gundam and the display stand thing zzz,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting 'P' license soon :)

WooTTTtttttttttt !!

Pass my driving test today @.@

Just 1 thing to comment.
I waited around 8 hour to take the test T_T. Thx for getting 2nd session which start at 2pm.(Luppy,WM and me reach there at 8pm)
Losing money and need wait for 8 hour is suck .....I would be working by tat time for 8 hour while earn some $$

That all for today~~~

--> Added shoutbox since my chatbox doesnt keep the chat permanently

Thursday, January 8, 2009

FIrst Job First Salary!

Ytd, my name was suddenly called over .
So i just walk over and seeing whole group of workmate standing near cashier.Then i wonder wat happen ....
Once i reach there, omfg they ask me to sign and receive me first salary O.O!!!
See the salary , omg, only RM112.5 =.=""
only 3 day de salary since i join last 29th

Wondering how to use with the money : )

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gundam Strike Freedom Full Burst mode BOUGHT!!!

On last sat , i went to time square with my family .
As usual I walk on my own and went to those gundam shop.(It is boring to follow my family go buy their cloth zzz)
In the 1st gundam shop, there is an offer.RM90 for 1 MG gundam , extremely CHEAP isn'it? Too bad, the gundam is God Gundam and another gundam i never heard b4 =.="" and my favourite gundam has out of stock
Not so long after, i went to 2nd shop , I saw my lovely gundam ,which originaly priced 3XX, is selling at RM245 !!!! Wow , i immediately bought it =.=""

theres no picture rite now about my gundam since i cant upload it .Thx to underwater cable broke off .It cause numerous problem zzz ...

Oya, Happy New Year ! (sorry for late,busy with work these day)