Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ometeto!!! (congratulations)

Congrats myself for fully cover from chickenpox!!!!! <.< , lol
Congrats myself for be able to SPREAD chickenpox to 3 ppl !!! (1 is my sis, and another 2 is my classmate ) /gg

I guess it has been 3 weeks not posting up my little blog~~~
Getting more and more bz these days as next week has trial exam (AS) ~~~
Teachers are giving more exercise for preparation for next week exam while teaching A2(core) syllabus.......
--> end up a bigger pile of homework ...especially a tonne of past year question needed to do...
1 paper require 1 hour --> each subject at least need do 5 paper --> end up 5x5 = 25 paper need to do ~~~~~~!!!!!! T_T

Feel lazy to do hahaha but still need lah ......need 'bei guan' (canto) to be able to study better or in another word 'masuk head'

Went to midvalley with Kar Xian ,Pei Yi ,Wai Ming ,Luppy ,Lip Yong ,'whining' Chun Seng ,Li Chang ,Chia Wen ,Alice ,Weng Cheok ,Wesley ,and See Wah(correct spelling?) today ~~ to celebrate Kar Xian and Pei Yi bday in near bankruptcy state ~.~ ...have to borrow money from my mom to get extra or else i cant survive today >.< ....but.......i just found i got extra RM50 from washing maching =.=""" ....It been some times that i havn't met them ...end up a lof of things to talk xD

Went to watch move 'UP' <- a quite adventurous and hilarious with extraordinary element movie
and do some window shopping to get present for the 2 bday girls ....
Then , end up eating at 'Sun Fat' in Sri Petaling ~.~

Tested on playing pandora saga online (a japan made MMORPG)~~~

It doesnt seem to be as nice as i thought, beside the graphic...I like there is alot of element affect the character growth .However, the information provided is not detailed enough and only 3 stat point can be allocated each lower, which is too low to be a good MMORPG to me ...Japan being a home of console games doesn't meet up my expectation on MMORPG game ...the battle system is quite a mess, control system as well ........a lot of complicated things

p/s : 1.Sorry for the 2 get chickenpox from me >.<
2.Happy bday to KX and PY

Monday, August 3, 2009

Violinist ~

Got too much free time today ~.~ .........I dunno what to do in house liao .....

DotA - bored
Dragonica - bored
Pokemon - bored
Homework - more bored + LZ
Revision - even more bored
Wei Qi - Headache

Hence, i decided to browse youtube and look for some youtube....

and this what I found ~.~ :

My most favourite song from her

sori1004jy a reowned musician in youtube whom has posted over 400 videos of her playing violinist ....However, due to dunno what what copyright her acc has been suspended....most of her fan on youtube actually posting up her video back into youtube .....anyway i found out some funny fact from her fans

"First thing is first. I am not Sori1004jy. i am a fan. So no more marriage proposals should be directed at me. LOL. You would definitely be barking up the wrong tree. " by cacilus192

Her canon rock also very good as well ....

i guess that all bah.....ciao