Monday, April 20, 2009

at last an update ~~~

Tadaime !! ( I'm back)
Its been some time i dint blog ....(or very long time?) I have been busy(vry bz) lately.

Let start from the 1st week of April

1 : Found out life in college is more tiring than working.( both mentally and physically)
2 : Bought a Car -> Latest MyVi ~~~Sweet~~~It able to read USB to listen music ^^
3 : A stack of homework to do
4 : Joined Club ~ Taylor's Anime Society and Scrachess club
5 : Drive car to school with mom sit aside >.<

2nd week

1 : Drive to college alone liao ^.^v
2 : LAN Class ( Moral ) for whole week, daily 8 am- 3 pm..........T_T
3 : End up sleeping at least 3 hour in college
4 : Lead a Group......End up a mess.... The day of presentation is the day I most paiseh.....paiseh...
5 : A lot of new member attend GO Club(MWA , Malaysian Wei qi Association) and Beginner teaching class started for GO

3rd week (Holiday, lol the fastest holiday in school life)

1 : On monday, went back to World Of Feng Shui for stock take (stock check) . Then when for Neway for K +buffet till 3am (morning). The day I back late most ^,^ .It also 2nd time I went for K. Amused as well , i dint know everyone of them can sing so well O.o
Anyway, I love their Speaker the most lol
2 : On friday, went to Ice Skating in Sunway. Found out they able to skate from 10am to 5pm
and then arcade ,pool , dinner , and movie . Total at least use rm50 for that day. Some more,
they had made this a routine......every Friday also sunway , 1 word " XIAO "
3 : On Saturday, nearly half of my body strained and muscle ache. Neverthelessly, I have to go
to Genting x.x . Hins Cheung is waiting for me day . XP , I went with Hon Lean, Chia Wen and
Alice Wong( Chia Wen's friend) . Hins is damn cool wei ~,~ ....His concert is glamourous. And
nice . His voice is sweet while a lot of emotion is in it and his Singing Skill is one of the top.
4 : On Sunday, nearly whole of my body strained and muscle ache. Thanks to random walking + an arcade game introduce by Hon Lean......Eventhough it is played by 4 person, it require an
enourmous stamina to play that game ...which is " Throw plastic Ball kind of like game " ..
Regret back home late ......use a sum of money on that day...*sigh*

And On today~~

Finish up my personal statement ...o'gosh , it took up nearly 3 hour to finish 3/4 quarter page of this essay ....
Finish up other homework as well ....Taylor's timetable for A-levels(CAL) is terrible.....on monday, the timetable is so freaking free, starting school at 10 am , having alot of break and free time ....suddenly , there is changes made today went back to disastrous packed timetable like last 2 weeks ....*sigh* ...

I thinks, that all bout today ^.^

-> added music box