Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sigh....bad result...

1st seminar exam just pass the week before last week....
Result was posted ytd from what i told....I just only noe my result today
it sucked....
1 A 2 B 2 C
Math A , physic/chem B , thinking skill/bio C
HAIz........Biology result is the most unexpected....i thought i would get b/A since i know do almost all question. The question came out my most favourite chapter -> DNA And RNA replication
which is also the hardest to understand =.=" but also most interesting.......

# Code Subject Marks Grade Points Remarks
1 AL-TKS Thinking Skills 63 C - Satisfactory achievement
2 AL-CHEM Chemistry 71 B - Always seems eager to do well
3 AL-BIO Biology 61 C - Good term work but low exam mark
4 AL-MAT Mathematics 81 A - Has the potential for better grades
5 AL-PHY Physics 70 B - Has good grasp of subject matter

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Been playing with my uncle iphone lately, found a lot cool and sad fact on this phone

Cool Fact :

1) vry ez to move the cursor and open file, not like most of other touch phone
2)alot freeware and application to dl
3)ipod is cool!
4) very smooth , no hang at all
5)vry clear image

Sad Fact :

1) sometime quite luan ......since hard to use
2) oni can add song thru itunes
3) itunes is not easy to use
4) cannot receive song from other phone
5) cannot receive song from phone to com

Friday, June 12, 2009


(Long time no see)

I wonder how long i dint blog school life is almost same everday ......quite boring >.<
The event is just like repeating itself except for this week.
I just end my seminar 1 exam today, feel ok with my exam so far . And i think i get B for my chemistry since my teacher has marked =.=" . It was so much faster than i expected....I fear of 1 thing rite now, i DINT tell my mom bout the exam and the school is gonna send her a letter to announce my result .......AND WAT MORE - PARENT TEACHER DAY!!!!!!!

THis time me and my mom have to visit EVERY subject teacher...OMG!!!!!!

Taylors is scary , isnt it?

Since today exam end at 10am, almost all of my classmate went to sunway pyramid....They only know sunway piramid.......quite a number of outstation student....

Let see, i think we split to 4 group , 1 group went to ice skating straight, another group at upstair see them ice skating ,another group i dunno and my group went to eat 1st.....We want to go eat at gasoline want, but havnt open =.=" too early lol

And then my group split to 2 group, 1 go for movie and another 1 go for ice skating. I go for ice skating since my sis come to sunway also zzz....

My fren bcome proer and proer in ice skating liao . I just learned break today....
One of my fren straight away can skate after i teach him how to move once.....GENG....OMG!!! , totally surprised but compare to my sis =.=" ///it took me whole day....

There is also few first timer that dint fall down at all in the ice ring .......AMused!! but they skate very slow lah ....even me fall down 3 time today >.< ......thx to crowd

Affter that, i joined my fren to redbox.......My fren who is big mouth 1 .......her singing is so loud until i cant hear my other fren voice ...LoL
Terpaksa low down the mic volume ev time she sing lol .....
And wat more, after she get 'high' ....omgosh ....keep on sing wrong pitch 1 .....i think ev1 of them sing wrong key alot

Ouya, she also will scream =.=(close my ear evtime she scream lol,too loud liao) if I skip her song halfway ...but i got no choice >.< time

After that, we went to zammai sushi eat...btw, i never tot sunway pyramid got zammai sushi since i only eat in the Gardens ..xD .My fren and I order food like mad.....ev1 eat until very very full = =

Den went bak leh....muscle nearly cramped while driving home x.x