Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sigh....bad result...

1st seminar exam just pass the week before last week....
Result was posted ytd from what i told....I just only noe my result today
it sucked....
1 A 2 B 2 C
Math A , physic/chem B , thinking skill/bio C
HAIz........Biology result is the most unexpected....i thought i would get b/A since i know do almost all question. The question came out my most favourite chapter -> DNA And RNA replication
which is also the hardest to understand =.=" but also most interesting.......

# Code Subject Marks Grade Points Remarks
1 AL-TKS Thinking Skills 63 C - Satisfactory achievement
2 AL-CHEM Chemistry 71 B - Always seems eager to do well
3 AL-BIO Biology 61 C - Good term work but low exam mark
4 AL-MAT Mathematics 81 A - Has the potential for better grades
5 AL-PHY Physics 70 B - Has good grasp of subject matter

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