Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Orientation Day of Taylor

Last Monday, i went for orientation in taylors ...The orientation day was extreme boring as the talk is boring which I have to listen to it for 2 and half hour ....Summore have to wake at at 8am zzz....Keep on yawning and feel sleepy...After that, has meeting v mentor, which is quite ok but still boring .......oya, It was also an extremely hot day where the sun shining brightly there...

After that is the only where fun comes on which last about 30 minutes, meeting up with seniors (Jan Intake =.=") 2 of the those "seniors" went to our class and play game v us ....

And just went back as fast as I can in 2 pm ....cant afford to wait in such hot day

Monday, March 16, 2009

A 's Level

Went to Taylor's college today for the march intake . Well, taylor's college is much nearer than i ever thought and the course isnt what I expected....
And the most unexpected thing is, i not taking further math for my a's level while taking bio-science instead.Since , I not sure what my ambition is, so it is safer to take all science course.

For the fee, after everything total up for the course is around rm32k for 1 year.Holy Expensive, everything in here is overprice.
Each science lab course rm300 per semester. SO there will be rm900 for all the lab per semester ..............simply overprice

Anyway, have to apply to that college..........
-->have to listen what my mom said/...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

GO(Wei Qi) camp training on 14-15

I attended the training yesterday and training...It was the most tiring training or thing I ever met not in physically, but mentally ...U have to get ur brain work out extremely many. Kang Laoshi ( a professional GO player from Singapore) giving out alot of information on new research , and new move and its sequence. All those thing is completely new to me and it is actually a common move while i dint heard it b4 >.< .TOO much of thing have to cramp into my head @.@ i nearly faint that day.
After all those lecture for 6 lecture . 15 min break , 1 hour lunch ...Kang laoshi play shidougo(teaching game) v 8 of us simultaneosly . But too bad, the no. of ppl too much i dint really get a chance since most of us give Kang Lao shi a big headache .Neverthelessly, he win nearly everyone of us easily

--> To those dunno what is Wei QI/IGO/GO/Baduk

-- It is an ancient board game which pass down by chinese ancestor to this era.
-- It doesnt like chess or chinese chess. GO is conquering game which require to take over
-- territory , invade, defense and so on .
-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wei_qi

Thursday, March 12, 2009

SPM Result!

Woot!!! At least, gone through hard time ....
I get 7 a ,2 b and 1 c ^^ which is good enough ....lol
Well......still get scold for not getting a better result zzz ....sigh ...boring family
Tat sucks ......
And i even scolded for not bringing spm slip bak home .....
i jst like wtf ? ALready tell u the result, tat slip just a paper which contain information of my result. What the diff between telling and seeing ? the answer is still the same and that fcking boring ...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last Day of Work ,WooT!!!!!

So , from tomoro onwards i will be free ^^
But still, i pack my this week full of activites =.=" especially this weekend, I have to attend proffesional teaching (wei qi) at japanese club, opposite midvalley .
And also result is coming out this thursday. Started to feel nervous @.@ , hoping get good result as well as bad result =.="" ( if good result i terpaksa study at taylor if not tat good den i can go TARC)

Btw, my fren is studying finance, He skip the class today for work $.$ . When no customer is around as well as manager (lol) ,he took out his file and start to study .I learn tat he is studying "What is Cash?" ...LoLx ...

Well, tat all for today with my boring life...

--> ccp , thx for ur money, now i can continue survive v my poverty financial x.x

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sigh""" , I lost my wallet 2 days ago.
zZz , It happen when I return from work .
Inside contain around 60 buck and most important my IC and license ...
But still, lucky enuf tat i bought Street Fighter 4 b4 i lost my wallet =.="" lol
but now i completely bankrupt zzz

-> ccp : waiting ur rm50